GLSL shader for the whole screen does not work anymore


I created an extension to apply a GLSL shader to the whole screen, to compensate color offsets in my projector. I used add_effect_with_name() and Main.uiGroup was the actor. However, this does not work anymore (at least with 3.36). Can anybody give a hint if there where any changes that I should adopt my extension to, and how this can be done?

There weren’t any intentional changes, and

Main.uiGroup.effect = new Clutter.DesaturateEffect()

works as expected here (on 3.38-ish).

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Thanks. I don’t know what exactly I did wrong. As my extension was a bit crappy anyway, I took an existing extension (Tint All), removed the funny color stuff and replaced it with my shader effect (via add_effect_with_name()). Now I even have a top bar button to enable and disable the shader which will also reload the shader file.

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