Global Block Of All Remote Resources?

I see on multiple issues an attempt to make loading remote resources smarter, however it appears that currently Geary loads remote resources from anyone in your contacts. While this probably works great for most people, I put lots of “untrusted” emails in my contacts so I can be more easily scan who they’re from (obviously I still don’t trust links in emails from them, but many people don’t even bother to spoof a “From” address).

Just for the sake of not having to worry if even a “trusted” person is sending me tracking pixels, I’d like to just globally disable this. I’m assuming there’s a dconf setting somewhere that does this?

I’m trying to transition from Evolution to Geary as my daily driver (leaving Evolution installed for power user tasks) and this is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately.

Thank you!

Huh, wow. Remote images in emails are always trackers, so this strategy especially doesn’t make any sense.

If a human in my address book is manually writing a mail and wants to send an image, the human is going to attach it, not embed it in the HTML. Humans don’t generally manually write HTML.

I was told to come here after my issue on the repo was closed. Can I get anyone to respond as to whether this is possible?

It seems to me contacts in Geary come from Evolution Data Server, so I’m not sure that Geary is the right place to look for controlling data like that. How did you disable this when you were using Evolution?

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