Glib2.0 needs to be cross compiled with mipsel(32-bit little endian) architecture

I want to cross compile glib2.0 with mipsel(32-bit little endian) architecture. For that I have downloaded source code from
GLib – 2.0 and tried to cross compile using this , but I am getting errors like : Unsupported pair: system “linux”, cpu family “mipsel” and with that so many compatibility errors.

system = ‘linux’
cpu_family = ‘mipsel’
cpu = ‘mipsel’
endian = ‘little’

c = ‘/opt/mips32el–glibc–stable-2020.02-1/bin/mipsel-linux-gcc’
cpp = ‘/opt/mips32el–glibc–stable-2020.02-1/bin/mipsel-linux-g++’
ar = ‘/opt/mips32el–glibc–stable-2020.02-1/bin/mipsel-linux-ar’
ld = ‘/opt/mips32el–glibc–stable-2020.02-1/bin/mipsel-linux-ld’
objcopy = ‘/opt/mips32el–glibc–stable-2020.02-1/bin/mipsel-linux-objcopy’
strip = ‘/opt/mips32el–glibc–stable-2020.02-1/bin/mipsel-linux-strip’
pkg-config = ‘/opt/mips32el–glibc–stable-2020.02-1/bin/mipsel-linux-pkg-config’

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