Gitlab / github solo login?

This is more a minor annoyance and I am aware that the GNOME devs can not easily solve that. But I still wanted to write it down because perhaps some github/gitlab folks can relate and who knows, perhaps someone can tell the staff there.
I’d love to be able to log in to, say, first github, and then also be able to log into gitlab. Right now I am using two separate accounts and two different passwords, and while that may seem perfectly fine, I am quite lazy. So what I have noticed is that I am rarely using the gitlab account. Thus, I also almost never comment on gitlab issues or make suggestions there - this is simply because I am a creature of habit.
With a simpler “unified login” I could kind of use both issue trackers more readily so, and give more feedback to gitlab projects. Be as it may, I tend to use github issue trackers much more frequently than gitlab issues.

There is a secondary part to this though. On gitlab I often get odd errors when trying to log in and it fails for some reason;I also get some 404 error sometimes (but I only use the links that gitlab shows me, so this can not be a user error since I simply only click on what is shown to me). No idea why that is the case, but on github I don’t have the issue. So perhaps gitlab devs could reconsider their UI in the long run and it make it more easy to use and less error prone. And perhaps also consider the issue tracker - I’d love to kind of use my github account (I also always then give permission to access the required data so that is fine by me; it’s really solely a matter of convenience for me here).

Can’y you just set this in your profile settings?