Gitlab account was deleted


My GNOME GitLab account (from 2018) was deleted ~5h ago. I signed in just now but ending up with a brand new account. All previous repositories are gone and the MR I sent was closed by “Administrator”.

What went wrong with my account? (The name is the same as my discourse account here.)

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You should try asking in the #sysadmin channel, on

Typically, accounts are removed for inactivity; they got caught into some anti-spam round; or because they violated the terms of service for projects hosted on GNOME infrastructure.

My GNOME GitLab account (from 2018) was deleted ~5h ago.

Before this thread is closed automatically due to the 14 day time thing:

Was you been able to find the reason for your deletion, and was you able to recover all your data. And most important, have you got at least a warning before the deletion has occurred?

This issue reminds me to trust my data at github not too much, but makes copies regulary. I generally do, but sometimes forget for longer time periods unfortunately.

The admin in #sysadmin told me my account was removed because my website (personal technical blog) was listed in a spam list, so it was removed in last round of spam check. I have requested the list for removal although they did not reply after a week yet. I did not get a warning before the deletion.

The admin also told me that they will improve the system to disable instead of remove accounts for this in the future.

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