Gio.Notification creates another instance when clicked


I’m trying to develop a Rust app which runs on background when closed (by using hide_on_close property on the ApplicationWindow) and send notifications to user with gio::Notificaiton.

Here is the example of creating the Application:

use adw::{Application};

fn main() {
    let application = Application::builder()


Then I send a notification anywhere inside the program:

    let notif = Notification::new(format!("{} minutes left!", total_minutes).as_str());

    app.send_notification(Some("time-warning"), &notif);

After I clicked the notification, it creates another instance of the application (calls on_activate again). This makes application create the UI windows all over again because all the UI initialized in on_activate function.

How can I handle notifications properly? Can I get an information in on_activate function if it’s activated by a notification or not?

(it is actually not spesific a question on Rust, it is about how GTK works generally)


The typical way to handle this is to check in your on_activate if the app was already activated. You can set a flag, or use to look to see if the windows are already created, or store a singleton for the windows, or anything you can come up with for the check.

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