GIMP v 2.10.34 (on Windows 10): I cannot create/manipulate any images any more

Hello all,
I recently updated to the GIMP version (above). Today when I needed to do some editing, I found that I was unable to edit / create any images using the GIMP toolbox.
I have reset all settings / reinstalled the software to no avail. I also found an article describing how to ‘Unstick’ any drawing functionality - all measures have failed to resolve the issue.
Furthermore, I do see, when I’ve selected a tool, e.g. ‘Brush’, that when I move the brush over the selected layer / image that there is a dotted half-circle - presumably the tool active area - but this only appears at the edge of the delineated drawing board and does *not * follow the cross-hair cursor over the image / layer.

I am quite confused and unable to make any headway! Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

David D.

What input devices - like a mouse, or a tablet stylus, or something else - do you use with GIMP?

thanks for your kind reply.
In addition to my Logitech Mouse (Ergo M575) I have a Wacom Tablet/Mouse/stylus. The devices have been installed on this PC for some time now, at least for the last two years - spanning multiple GIMP updates, therefore.

Can you add a screenshot of you UI (whole windows, title bar included), showing the tool options dialog, and iff possible the dotted half circle?

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