GIMP Theme Brush Palette

I have successfully created a gtkrc theme for GIMP. The last part of the UI I can’t work out how to theme is the brush palette. Which theme option controls the foreground and background colors for the brush palette?

My gimp theme file:

Hi! Unfortunately that’s not controlled by a theme - it’s an icon that’s generated by code.
I have some in-progress code to draw these based on the theme (CmykStudent: "Since I recently worked on updating the Windows t…" - Fosstodon), so once that’s finished and (hopefully) merged, it would match your theme automatically.

Would that be a good idea? How would you distinguish a mask icon from a color icon? How would you see a icon which is a color close to the theme (problems currently exists for all-white icons, but at least its is the same color for everybody)?

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Hi! I was implementing based on a user request (Invert the color of the brush box in the dark theme (#4853) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab). Once there’s a merge request, people can test it out and see if changes need to be made or if it’s a good fit at all.

@CmykStudent what fortune timing that you should be working on this. I look forward to trying your changes!

How is your work on this progressing CmykStudent.

Hey! It all works except for one problem - the brush dialogue in grid mode doesn’t update automatically when you change themes. You either have to close out of it or switch between grid and list to get it to change. I’m currently focused on creating a non-destructive editing implementation, but once that’s done I’ll come back to it.

Thanks, automatic update is key for my purposes, which is cycling through themes using pywal.

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