GIMP suddenly freezing on startup at Querying new Plug-ins

My apologies if this is miscategorized; I am new to this forum, and I am using the desktop version of GIMP on a Windows 11 Home laptop (although the problem also arises with the PortableApps version as well).
Version: GIMP 2.10.34-2 (PortableApps says only 2.10).
Upon attempting to open the program, it suddenly stops at “Querying new Plug-ins” with a smaller listing of “file-rawtherapee.exe” immediately below it. I have attempted turning my system off and on, uninstalling and reinstalling (both versions), and both still occur identically. When I click on GIMP at that point, I am told that the program is not responding, with the usual Windows options. If I go into Task Manager, I see that 0% CPU, 5% Memory, 0% Disk, and 0% Network are being used. Task Manager terminates the startup. And that’s all I know how to tell you, except that I use GIMP virtually every day, and this was not previously happening. Also, my last Windows update of any nature appears to have been on 12 October.
Any ideas what is going on and how to fix it?
Thank you in advance. kgh

Find your GIMP profile folder - GIMP - Your GIMP Profile and You - and rename it.

If GIMP is still slow, maybe you had a network drive mounted, like Microsoft OneDrive, when you last ran it, and that’s not active now - and GIMP is trying to build the list of recently-edited files. It can take up to twenty minutes to time out. Check also there isn’t a Login window somewhere, e.g. behind the GIMP splash screen.

If that isn’t it, think about any other changes on your system or to GIMP, even ones that seem unimportant.

Did yo uinstall RawTherapee recently? On startup Gimp scans a few directories (list in Preferences > Folders > Plug-ins and checks for executables that it doesn’t find (or only finds an older version) in its plug-in registration data (the pluginrc file in your Gimp profile). When it find one, it runs it so let it register. However if the executable hangs for whatever reason, this hangs the whole process.

Try to find that file-rawtherapee.exe and run n in a command prompt. Does it stop and asks questions? Does it crash?

Thank you both for your suggestions, but somehow the problem resolved itself overnight. It wasn’t anything I did, but hopefully your suggestions will help anyone else who encounters this problem (or myself in future if it recurs and doesn’t fix itself). – kgh

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