GIMP: How to create 3.0 procedures for context menus and <Layers> vs. top-level <Image>?

I’m trying to port someone else’s GIMP 2.10 python plugin to GIMP 3.0. I am creating multiple procedures for the same plugin. I have successfully added empty stubs for Image procedures, but now I am getting errors for Layers context-menu procedures. The error is

attempted to install <Layers> procedure "StabDifAuto1111-controlnet-layer-context" which does not take the standard <Layers> plug-in's arguments: (GimpRunMode, GimpImage, (GimpLayer | GimpDrawable)).

I’m trying to use the following code, which works for creating procedures under the top-level menu , but does not work for context menus under Layers

    def do_create_procedure(self, name): 
         procedure =,
        procedure.set_documentation("Configure checkpoint model of Automatic1111 api",
                                            "Select a submenu.",
        procedure.set_attribution("Hymerfania", "Hymerfania", "2024")
        return procedure

    def run_with_image(self, procedure, run_mode, image, n_drawables, drawables, args, run_data):
        retval = procedure.new_return_values(Gimp.PDBStatusType.CANCEL, GLib.Error())
        return retval

The original GIMP 2.10 registration looked like this:

            (gimpfu.PF_IMAGE, "image", "Image", None),
            (gimpfu.PF_LAYER, "layer", "Layer", None),
            (gimpfu.PF_OPTION, "module", "Module", 0, CONTROLNET_MODULES),
            (gimpfu.PF_OPTION, "model", "Model", 0, settings.get("cn_models", ["none"])),
            (gimpfu.PF_SLIDER, "weight",  "Weight", 1, (0, 2, 0.05)),
            (gimpfu.PF_OPTION, "resize_mode", "Resize Mode", 1, CONTROLNET_RESIZE_MODES),
            (gimpfu.PF_BOOL, "lowvram", "Low VRAM", False),
            (gimpfu.PF_OPTION, "control_mode", "Control Mode", 0, tuple(CONTROL_MODES.keys())),
            (gimpfu.PF_SLIDER, "guidance_start",  "Guidance Start (T)", 0, (0, 1, 0.01)),
            (gimpfu.PF_SLIDER, "guidance_end",  "Guidance End (T)", 1, (0, 1, 0.01)),
            (gimpfu.PF_SLIDER, "guidance",  "Guidance", 1, (0, 1, 0.01)),
            (gimpfu.PF_SLIDER, "processor_res",  "Processor Resolution", 512, (64, 2048, 1)),
            (gimpfu.PF_SLIDER, "threshold_a",  "Threshold A", 64, (100, 2048, 1)),
            (gimpfu.PF_SLIDER, "threshold_b",  "Threshold B", 64, (200, 2048, 1)),

            "Convert current layer to ControlNet layer or edit ControlNet Layer's options",
            "ControlNet Layer",
            "Use as ControlNet",
            handleControlNetLayerConfigFromLayersContext, menu="<Layers>/GimpFusion"

I have searched the 3.0 API docs tarball but I have not found a class for “Layers plug-in”. I tried replacing run_with_images() with a run_with_layers() function with only the parameters mentioned in the error message, but that did not make any difference.

What is the difference between creating a top-level procedure, and a contextual procedure?


BTW, I corrected procedure.set_sensitivity_mask(Gimp.ProcedureSensitivityMask.ALWAYS) to Gimp.ProcedureSensitivityMask.DRAWABLE, that did not help either.
I also think I located the point where the error is caught, the filename is app/plug-in/gimppluginprocedure.c , and the function is gimp_plug_in_procedure_add_menu_path(), around line 670, where the procedure’s arguments are tested.

My current assumption is that the procedure’s third argument, which is supposed to be a GimpLayer or GimpDrawable is missing. I’m not sure how to correct that. Perhaps I need to set the procedure’s properties in a specific order.

Could you open an issue in our issue tracker. That way it won’t be forgotten. We certainly need to have a look at that before 3.0.

I opened an issue myself here since this is definitely not working. Not only for layers, but also for channels and probably others too.

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