Gimp help needed with OS game

Hi, I try to contribute to this OS game Install opendungeons-plus on Linux | Snap Store – a Dungeon Keeper remake.

Sorry if you just don’t care – please treat it as spam – my apology for that .

Please understand me , I cannot be an orchestra-man when it comes to programming such a large game as opendungeons !

[EDIT] I look for GIMP contributor. Here are some tasks for someone GIMP savvy : [\EDIT]

  1. Create a billboard advertising joining the development ( team ) . Which could be displayed just before the game is being closed.

  2. Modify the game Logo from OpenDungeons to OpenDungeons Plus ( look for that in gui folder )

  3. Larger task – modify the materials/texture directory assets – that is the one used as a floor for rooms. Problem is they cannot be repeative at all they should be like the Farm tilestet family — please look at the images Farm0000Normal.png Farm1000.png Farm1011Normal.png Farm1100.png Farm0000.png Farm1010Normal.png Farm1011.png FarmNormal.png Farm1000Normal.png Farm1010.png Farm1100Normal.png … Some of them define visual borders – that is how the tile should look like when there is a non-farm tile neighbor – say dormitory or library. Now this is the case now only for Farm tiles. And I dream about such tileset for Library, Dormitory, Prison, TortureChamber etc.

  4. If you have any questions – ask , I will try and answer here or in priv. CHeers !

[EDIT] P.S. the current opendungeons-plus repo is GitHub - tomluchowski/OpenDungeonsPlus: Open source game inspired by Dungeon Keeper - Dark, damp and dangerous... [\EDIT]

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Wow, looks very inspiring!

No problem talking about other projects (especially nice FLOSS projects) and do a little organic advertisement, as long as it’s not the sole purpose of a post and that you are still here for a GIMP-related topic. :slight_smile:

Now I don’t really understand your request. Are you asking for people to help you understand how to do some specific tasks? Or are you looking to recruit contributors for your project?

Your post is a bit messy and sounds like you are talking about a dozen things in just a few sentences with no actual question.

Yeap, that’s true , it was a bit late when I posted in a hurry my humble request. Indeed I look for some helping hand in the subparagraphs 1 -3. Those are not HOWTO questions – instead I look for the another contributor ( GIMP one ) for short or long-term.

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