Gimp-help: announcing intent to re-arrange parts of the manual

The gimp-help manual team intend to restructure certain parts of the manual for GIMP. This concerns the master branch for the documentation of future GIMP 3.0.

As a result of this restructuring, translations for a part of the documentation will move to a different po file.
Since we don’t want to cause unnecessary work for translators, our intent is to move the translations over to their new destination po file.

We will describe below the procedure we intend to follow to make this change affect translations as little as possible. This is a call-out to translators to give you some time to update pending translations.

Affected gimp-help po files (master branch)

  • concepts.po
  • using.po
  • preferences.po
  • file.po

We already did a successful test run and our intention is to do this move in about 1 week, unless we get enough feedback that this is not enough time.

Feel free to give any other input and suggestions on how we can improve this.

Although there are more parts that we are considering for restructuring, at this moment we will limit ourselves to:

  1. Documentation of the Preferences dialog.
    This is going to be moved to the Dialogs section of the manual
    Current po file: using/preferences.po [this po file will be removed]
    Future po file: dialogs.po

  2. The PDF and PostScript specific import dialogs to the Dialogs section.
    Current po file: concepts.po
    Future po file: dialogs.po
    Moved from concepts.po to dialogs.po

  3. All export file format dialogs will also be moved to the Dialogs section
    Current po file: using.po
    Future po file: dialogs.po

  4. The documentation of menu File Open regarding the dialog will most likely
    also be moved to the Dialogs section, since that is where the Save and
    Export dialogs documentation is located at too.
    Current po file: file.po
    Future po file: dialogs.po


  1. For all languages, we will make a copy of preferences.po, concepts.po, using.po and file.po before the change. These will later be used as compendium to bring back the moved translations.

  2. Next we will move the required documentation files or parts of files, and then regenerate the pot and po files to make sure they are up-to-date.

  3. We will then run msgmerge with the saved po files mentioned above and use those as compendium, so that the translations will be added back in their new place.

One other thing I would be interested in hearing about, is whether translators would prefer dialogs.po to be split up in a later step or leave it as is. The dialogs.po file is already fairly large and will considerably increase in size.
As far as I can see, the advantage may be less duplication in strings that need translation. On the other hand, some may hesitate to start on translating something that big.

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This move was completed yesterday. Thank you for your patience.


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