Gimp Gitlab broken?

Can’t access neither the repo nor the issues. A consequence of the OpenShift migration?

Seems to be a rather recent problem - I have used GitLab without issues earlier today. It’s the whole instance, with requests frequently ending in a 500 server error right now.

Yes, the are some infrastructure issues. The GNOME admins are aware of them, and will try to address them after the weekend.

I used to have access to the entire gnome cvs some time (years) ago. Recently (last 15 years or so) I contributed to the translation of the GIMP (program and manual) writing directly onto the gitlab repos. It’s a week now that I can’t access to any of them. Mailing lists closed, IRC answers unuseful. What now?

Check to make sure that .ssh/config file is adapted as follows:


Also for all your git repos go into .git/config and make sure that the urls reference too, like:

url = 

On IRC they said the same. I did it but it asks me a password so I imagine that ssh does not work.

it asks me a password so I imagine that ssh does not work.

You probably forgot to set up the correct IdentityFile for the new host (in ~/.ssh/config), so ssh falls back to password authentication.

Thanks, finally I got it working. I forgot to add “ssh.” in IdentityFile AND in Host keywords in .ssh/config. I thought that IdentityFile was the only place to edit. I was wrong. I missed any message about this transition but with your help I resolved it!

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