GIMP discussion about the name of the project

I would like to discuss with the current dev team, the topic of the project’s name which I know is controversial but I have a different take for it. I also dont want to post it randomly on a seemingly unrelated forum. I know they say its an “official forum” but there are 2 of those so its very confusing how to get in touch with them.

I suggest talking with us at IRC: GIMP - Discuss

The process of configuration is a bit clunky depending on the program or app you use. I personally like IRCCloud

@brunvonlope Thanks for responding so quickly! I have not used IRC in years, so I will have to start from scratch but I will do it if necessary . . . is this the only method for discussion?

is this the only method for discussion?

There is Matrix too but not everyone is there.

I tried Matrix a few months ago, I was told it wouldnt work since some used IRC. I will setup an IRC client tonight. Thanks.

About the topic, maybe I am doing a dumb question… did you read this specific part of the FAQ: GIMP - Frequently Asked Questions?

@MichaelTunnell I hope that you don’t plan to talk about “GIMP being cacophonic in some languages”, because the chances of that discussion progressing are quite low in every project, cacophony can always happen ad infinitum :sweat_smile:

For example, there is a social media called “Koo” which pronounced with Portuguese accent informally means that dirty place of everyone’s body. I don’t imagine they changing the app name because of Brazilians laughing at each time the app is mentioned. Just my two cents. Wait you on IRC

Yes, I have read this and while I understand there is very little chance for a discussion on this topic to change the minds of the dev team. I feel it would be irresponsible for me to not attempt to have the discussion with the current team. I have been following this project since it started and I have discussed this with multiple iterations of the team but it has been a very long time and I don’t think any of the current members were involved at the time of the last discussion so I wanted to do my due diligence on the subject.

I will be on the side of in favor of renaming the project. I dont think that would be surprising but my basis for the discussion is for the benefit of the project. It does not come from the stance of being offended or anything of the such. My goal is to grow the project.

Though I will say the part in the FAQ that says “although the word “gimp” can be used offensively in some cultures, that is not our intent.” is misleading since the original developers did in fact intend to name it directly based on something offensive. The current team might not intend it to be, but the unfortunate reality is that it was originally named this with the offensiveness in mind.

I am having an issue connecting to the irc:// server. I am using the default port of 6697.

I do not have an account on the server so not a login details thing. I will deal with nickserv after I connect though

When you’re done with this you can go after Git.

@MichaelTunnell There was some discussion of renaming at the last Wilber Week: GIMP Developer - Wilber Week 2023: Amsterdam, Netherland

At the moment, I think everyone’s focused on finishing 3.0 and getting it out there, so the discussion will probably be picked up again after that.

didnt know that, thanks for the info.

Its good that this was discussed and they are willing to discuss it further. I think 3.0 might not be the best time to change it anyway because it could be an additional marketing tactic for a future release :smiley:

@CmykStudent @brunvonlope I am having issues connecting to the server and sending messages. When I try to connect with my client using TLS it refuses to connect. When I turn off TLS it connects but in read-only mode.

Any help would be appreciated.

Seems that you will need to disable TLS:

[2024-04-25 11:12:46] <*****> ****: we have/had SSL/TLS issues on GIMPnet and I’m not sure if these have been fixed by the admins. So yeah, it’s probably the settings to not verify the SSL cert (which is expired, I think).

About the read-only mode, I think that to bypass it you will need to register a nick since we were suffering from spam:

[2024-06-05 10:26:59] <****> Had to register my nick with GIMPNet

[2024-06-05 10:27:20] <********> yeah, we ran out of patience with spammers

You could try a web-based IRC client like
I’ve found that one to work really well.

thanks for the help, I am in now.

I am using a webbased but I spun up a self-hosted server for “TheLounge” so I could have a log because I hate the real-time only of IRC lol

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