Gimp becoming unusable;constant crashes

Having been a constant user of Gimp for many years, I recently updated and moved onto version 2.10.30, which is the latest one available/recommended for my Linux OS (Zorin). The 2.10.36 version is Flatpak (which causes issues as well).
Unfortunately it’s a disaster, crashing on almost every occasion I try to use it. Few if any of the problems can be reproduced; sometimes it crashes while I’m just looking at it and not doing anything.
For example it will close down while I am trying to cut or copy a section of image; or carry out a “colour-to-grey” process; other occasions might be scaling-down size, resolution or pixels. Now and then it won’t even fire up at all and I have to use the terminal to start it.
I’ve also noticed similar behaviour with the latest Krita package, though I don’t use it as much.
The bug reporting process in Gimp seems to go to a rather heavyweight forum full of highly proficient coders…sorry but I just can’t handle stuff at that level.
I don’t work with huge images, rarely more than 6000x4000px which come from my camera; and I don’t do fancy intense image-manipulation. I’m on a desktop machine with 16MB RAM, plenty enough for my modest requirements. Really don’t want to have to use Windows because it entails constantly switching back and forth between operating systems (dual-boot) or else I have to go get a Windows laptop just for the graphics work.
I can see a variety of problems out on the Net re the latest Gimp so something’s not good about it, and I’m on the version one step back.
Are there any other things I could go check up on?

sorry but I just can’t handle stuff at that level.

Sorry but developers just can’t handle issues without (your) proper contribution :sweat_smile: this Discourse forum don’t have all the features to proper track your issue(s) and maybe someone will look maybe not

Bug reports should be made in GitLab: Sign in · GitLab and there is nothing heavily technical there, otherwise, we wouldn’t have more than thousands of bug reports.

But you really have 16MB (megabytes) of RAM? This isn’t enough for editing image as far I know.

Sorry, 16GB…post-breakfast dip.
I have actually posted it at GitLab, but I can’t provide some reports because I simply don’t know how to acquire them from my computer. They want crash reports but I can’t locate any on my system.

If GIMP crashes, a pop-up should appear with the stacktrace in it - you would copy and paste it into the GitLab issue.

If it doesn’t appear, you can still post an issue with your OS, GIMP version and reproduction steps (as best you can). Then we can try to recreate the problem and fix it. :slight_smile:

After a lot of fiddling, I managed to do a terminal command for what I hope is the stacktrace for a crash this afternoon, I’ve posted it at GitLab.