GIMP and MyPaint Brushes

The MyPaint brushes in the GIMP framework require some evaluation:

  1. MyPaint has been discontinued for a long time despite having a stable application in many of the current distros.
  2. The MyPaint brushes in GIMP are out of date with the standard libmypaint of the current version of the desktop application.
  3. On some distros, Ubuntu, Fedora with Wayland and x11 and different DE, Gnome and Xfce, the MyPaint brushes do not vary in size. See GIMP 2.10.36 MyPaint brushes working without the their dynamics (opacity and size) (#10303) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

Some suggestions:

  1. implement the version of libmypaint used in the stable version of the desktop application, so we will be able to add more recent brushes that were implemented, if not error, by Brien Dieterle.
  2. Check with Brien Dieterle if he would be able to help organise and implement an updated desktop release that integrates the latest libmypaint into the GIMP framework.

The main reasons for these suggestions:

  1. MyPaint brushes in GIMP are a great opportunity to promote and update both programs;
  2. Brushes in GIMP are important because they integrate and greatly increase the possibilities of painting in the application. Perhaps there is a lack of tutorials and practical examples of how the community of artists and illustrators can make use of this possibility.
  3. One point of MyPaint’s integration with GIMP is also .ORA. Apparently, it is working on a basic integration of the blends in the layers that are imported into GIMP. However, I think it’s worth thinking about the possibility of using an updated version of Libmypaint to consider integrating the ‘Pigment’ blend, which was implemented by Brien Dieterle in the latest version of libmypaint.
  4. Brien Dieterle worked on a painting idea that emulates colour mixing in the real world, but it wasn’t implemented in libmypaint. I had the opportunity to try out this version and it was truly disruptive. I think it would be worth talking to him and seeing if we can get back to this work. Perhaps this solution, based on Libmypaint, could give a new lease of life to brushes within GIMP without us having to work on brushes and paint dynamics.
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Hi! I have a pending merge request to update GIMP’s implementation of MyPaint Brushes: Draft: Issue #3205: Add support for MyPaint Brushes v2 (!749) · Merge requests · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab
It’s fairly close, but I think I’ve got the math wrong (and/or I’m not sending the pixel data from GIMP at the correct precision).

I wanted to get it finished before 3.0, but unless the non-destructive editing project is finished soon I doubt I can do so by then (although anyone’s welcome to use what I’ve done as a starting point and/or submit their own merge request).

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The key is the non-destructive editing .
Please Please Please focus on the non-destructive editing .
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :yum:

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No worries, that’s my sole focus now until the feature freeze. :slight_smile:

Hi @CmykStudent ,
good to know the issue around the MyPaint brushes on GIMP.

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