Gimp and libre office writer

hi all,

i have my .xcf file open in gimp

i copied and tried to paste it into libre office writer?


i’m too lazy to save it as jpg and then copy and paste

What happened when you pasted it?

Also, what platform are you on, and what version of GIMP do you use?

When the image is open in GIMP, you can Select All (Ctrl+A), Copy (Ctrl+C) and then Paste (Ctrl+V) in Libreoffice Writer. No need to export.

hi s & r,

thx for your prompt response :slight_smile:
in gimp 2.10.18 when i ctrl-a ctrl-c and then pasted into libre writer, it just copied the last layer. i think it has something to do with this other problem i’m having, if you have a second to read my other post maybe that 'll help

thx for helping

Well, I don’t know if it’s the best practice, but you can create a main group layer containing all your layers and group layers. Then you may:

  • Select this main layer group
  • Select All (Ctrl+A)
  • Copy (Ctrl+C)
  • Paste (Ctrl+V) in Libreoffice Writer

Exemple of this main layer group:

Instead of the three first steps, you can do an Edit > Copy Visible.

To expand on @ schumaml answer:

  • In Gimp operations deal by default with the active layer(*). So when you use Edit > Copy (or Ctrl-C) it copy the active layer (or the part of it that intersects in the selection) (which is the behavior you would expect if the paste is later done in Gimp to another layer in the image or another image).
  • Edit > Copy visible changes this behavior and copies the composition of all layers to the clipboard

(*) technically, the active “drawable” that may be something else than a layer, but this is usually a layer.

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