Gimp 3 Plugins and Script-Fu Examples

Here are some free plugins I made for Gimp 3. Designed to help me in illustration production.
Thanks for all the free software people, long live Linux and Gimp!

AlmostAutosave - Incrementally autosaves any open and changed files
Proxy - Saves layer groups to storage, adds a proxy, reduces file complexity, increases speed
Isolate Selected Layers - Isolates layer stack selections for better visibility
Adjustment Layers - Apply a repeatable set of tweaks to an image

Paper Scale - Shows what the active image would look like if printed out on A4
Precise Scale - Scales an image with offset layers, without layer movement
Simple Scale - Takes a “copy all visible” and creates a new scaled image

Collapse All Groups - Layer stack utility
Expand or Collapse Groups - Layer stack utility

Select All Layers - Selects every layer in the stack
Group Selected Layers - Puts any selected layers in one group
Layer ID - Prints a list of selected layers and ids
Layer Parasites - Prints a list of selected layers and parasites
Layer Remove Parasites - Removes any parasites on the selected layers
Crop Layer to Mask - same as Content Crop, uses the layer mask as content
New Layer from Selection - Creates a new layer, from the selected area

Image Parasites - Prints a list of all images and attached parasites
Remove Image Parasites - Removes any attached parasites on an image

Also available, procedures.scm, a list of custom Script-Fu procedures.

Just wanted to say it is cool to see someone else actually use layer parasites in their scripts!

Rob A.

Someone else uses Script-Fu?!

I made a metric-tonne of scripts in the 2.8 days. Never bothered to port them, however, as much of the capabilities I added were either done better (faster) by others’ python scripts. actual plugins, GEGL operations, or Gimp enhancements :laughing:

That’s the way of it, good times in the Script-Fu maze though.

Yes, I recall Rob A made scripts subsequently ported to Python for resynthesizer.
Unfortunately, it now seems that ScriptFu scripts are more portable and longer lasting than Python scripts:
some Python resynthesizer scripts are being ported back to Scheme!

By way of community outreach, suggestions for improving ScriptFu are very welcome.
I am now helping maintain ScriptFu.
See issues at the Gimp repo with the tag “ScriptFu”.
Now is the time, while Gimp is lurching towards v3.

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