GIMP 2.99.16 weird file type

If you go to File → open, you get the following list of file types. But for some reason there is a “desktop” type on Windows. What is that or is this a bug?

This is for loading .desktop files which may point to images.

The plug-in responsible for loading them is file-desktp-link (see plug-ins/common/file-desktop-link.c · master · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab), the fileformat itself is defined by the Desktop Entry Specification (see Desktop Entry Specification)

So as I understand correctly, this is non-existing on windows?
Since .desktop files are not used I think.

Such files would be uncommon on that platform and might be mostly without function, but if you had one around, then GIMP might be the only application to load it if it points to an image.

The plug-in itself looks like it would be platform-agnostic.

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