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hi all

stupid guy here again asking another stupid question

i’m trying to add a text box

on the right side of gimp (see pic)
you can select the font

lets say the font i want starts with the letter “N”

i hit the keyboard “N” and it doesn’t go the N fonts

it does some freaky stuff, i think its trying to do something on the left side

gimp textbox

Yes, the filter doesn’t appear to work in the Fonts list. However, in the font entry in the Text tool options the filter work


hi of,

thanks for yr prompt response :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah i tried that before, if you put your cursor on the fonts, and then click an arrow up/down…it changes the size and not the font :frowning:

please help

The Filter field is for use with Tags (see: What you can easily do, hhowever, is click on any item in the Fonts list, then CTRL-F will show a Search field. You can type a string of characters and GIMP will jump to the items in the list that BEGIN WITH the characters you type (it will not find sub-strings, e.g., a font named Naughton cannot be found by typing in the Search field “ton”; to find font Naughton, you’d type “naugh”).

Hope this helps.

The Filter field is for use with Tags

Good to know, and explains why the newline is replaced by a comma. But the “filter” display is a bit misleading, it should be “filter tags”.

OK - let’s step back a bit. To address the behavior you mention in this email.

If you click on the Fonts dock so see the list of fonts, and then type a letter (expecting that the font selection will shift to a font that begins with that letter) GIMP will NOT shift to a font that begins with that letter. There are numerous “short cuts” that exist in GIMP and they work almost everywhere. In this specific case, when you typed the letter N what you did was enable the Pencil tool which has the letter N as its ShortCut (so you were exactly correct in saying “i think its trying to do something on the left side” as that is what GIMP did do).

So, how to you select a font? NOTE: I never use the Font Selection control that’s part of the Text Tool as I personally find it too limited for use; I always use the Font Dock (also called the Font Selection Dialog).

In the Font dock (the dock that is show in your screen capture), if you click on any font, just click on it to select it, and then type CTRL-F (that’s press the Control key [usually found at the bottom left/right on your keyboard], and while holding it down press the F key) what happens? Do you see a small Search field appear at the bottom of the Fonts dock? That’s what I see happen. The Search field will NOT appear unless you first click on some font in the font list so you must do that.

If you DO see the Search field, can you type a letter or set of letters that correspond to a font name and does the selection shift in the font list?

Do you see a scroll bar that you can grab with your mouse and move up and down through the font list?

I’m puzzled by your comment about up/down arrow behavior (in a later email response).

I have GIMP 2.10.28 open as I type this email and with the Fonts dock selected, I can:

  • Select a font, type CTRL-F, see the Search field and type (and the selection moves to a font that begins with the letters I type)
  • I can scroll up and down with the arrow keys (or any of the cursor movement keys, HOME, END, PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN)
  • I can grab the scrollbar and move it up and down with the mouse
  • I can use my mouse scroll wheel do move the selection up and down. Whatever font I get to, I can click once on it to confirm its selection and then it’s active in the Font Tool.

Can you do any of these actions in the Font Doc?

Absolutely agree. It was while reading the documentation to better understand the Text Tool and GIMP fonts related to this thread that I saw that Filter is for tags. Its prompt text should be, as you say, ‘Filter Tags’.

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