Gimp - 2.10 - quick question

man i did something stupid (as usual) and i dont know what!!

sorry if the following comes out as word vomit, here goes;

ya know how in gimp 2.10 its setup like this;

left column = tools and stuff

middle = image you are working on

right column = more tools and more stuff :wink:

well somehow i got rid of the right and left columns…and theres way too many menus for me go snooping around (which i tried to find, but i assure you don’t want me to be doing as i would make it worse by turning something on/off)

heres a pic of what i’m seeing. if someone could get me back to the regular view, it would really help :slight_smile:


In The GIMP - Windows Menu - Hide/Show Docs (Tab key does this!!)

See if that’s what happened.


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yes that worked. thank you. so i gotta ask you - how did i turn them off? theres no way i accidentally moved the mouse in that way ya know?

i doubt it did it with the keyboard that way too

theres must be a button somewhere that i must’ve pressed. any idea where its at so i can avoid doing that again ?

thx :slight_smile:

The TAB key toggles Dock visibility. I can image it’s quite easy to accidentally press it when one means to hit the CAPS LOCK key, for example. Thankfully it’s an easy “fix” and doesn’t require messing about with configuration files or anything like that.


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k. thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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