Gimp 2.10 - how to deactivate last layer

theres this one annoying problem i keep getting in gimp that i could use your help wiht

lets say you do alot of stuff in gimp
say you added a text box, added a pic, added another text box

the last thing i added (text box) - it outlined in black and white - and its a moving outline

so i think gimp thinks that i’m still working with this text box, so its an active layer

so how do i tell gimp i’m done with this layer


If the outline is moving, then you likely have an active selection. If you are sure that you do not need this selection anymore, you can use Select > None (or its default shortcut key, Ctrl+Shift+A) to get rid of it.

It could also be the outline of something you pasted, which shows up as an item labeled Floating Selection in the Layers dialog. Depending on whether you want to keep or discard this, you can turn it into a new layer or delete it from there.

actually the outline is not moving, its just a stationary yellow and black dotted box

i see its a layer (not a floating layer)

i went to the menu “select” and the “none” option is grayed out

this is so frustrating!

The yellow and black box is showing you the layer boundary, Use “Show layer boundary” in the view menu.

Select None is greyed out when there is no selection;


that didn’t make a difference

Can you show us a full-screen screenshot with GIMP open of this state?

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