Gimp-2-10 branch string freeze until 2024-04-21

Dear translators,

We are planning a release of the stable version of GIMP (version 2.10.38) for the next weekend, likely on Sunday. This is a bugfix-only release (the first time in years), so the strings are near-identical.

Dear testers,

As usual, we will count on you to help us detect any unexpected issue in GIMP, especially if this is serious enough that it should block release. The report linked a few lines above is where you are expected to look at to help.

Thanks everyone! :love_letter:

Hello translators!

I’m very sorry, we had a last-second backport of a very important feature for Windows: the Windows Ink API! Basically there are 3 big API for graphics tablet drivers, and in particular: Wintab (the legacy API which GIMP has supported for decades) and Windows Ink (which was ported to GTK+3 recently and which GIMP 3 will support).
So that means a lot more graphics tablet will work on GIMP 2.10 (especially newer models from smaller hardware companies than the big one).

Anyway my point is that for this, we accepted to break the string freeze a bit, because 2.10.38 might be the last 2.10 version we release (there may be a 2.10.40 but we said we’d stop having new features now anyway).

Therefore a few new strings we added:

  • In this commit: "Sets the preferred pen and touch input API.", "Wintab", "Windows Ink" and "Pointer Input API:".
  • And this commit: "On Windows, the Windows Ink API support has been backported."

So unless I missed one, that’s 5 more strings to translate. Sorry for the miss.

I’ll wait a few more days for the release to leave time to translation teams to localize these if they can make the time. Thanks! :pray:

GIMP 2.10.38 released: GIMP 2.10.38 Released - GIMP

Thanks all! :+1::hugs: