Gimp-2-10 branch string freeze until 2023-11-05

Dear translators,

We are planning a release of the stable version of GIMP (version 2.10.36) for the next weekend, likely on Sunday. There should not be a lot of new or changed strings, since the stable branch is not changing much these days (mostly fixes), but still, there might be strings to update here and there?

Dear testers,

As usual, we will count on you to help us detect any unexpected issue in GIMP, especially if this is serious enough that it should block release. The report linked a few lines above is where you are expected to look at to help.

Thanks everyone! :love_letter:

The release was tagged on Sunday 5th of November and the news was published yesterday: GIMP 2.10.36 Released - GIMP

Great :+1:, looking forward to gimp 3.0. :heart_eyes:

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