Gimp 2.10.18: Bluebox eyedropper doesn't work anymore

Hi all,

since I uninstalled CrossOver Linux on Ubuntu MATE 22.04, Gimp’s bluebox eydropper doesn’t work anymore (the ‘normal’ eyedropper works). I am using the bluebox (‘Video > Bluebox…’) to key out green or blue backgrounds. (One has to install gimp-gap first, though.) I have no clue why the eydropper doesn’t work anymore. :frowning: Can anybody help?



gimp-gap hasn’t been maintained and updated for newer GIMP versions in a long time, so it’s not really surprising that certain things are broken. Since it relates to the eyedropper, I think there were newer protocols developed on Linux to access the screen contents that screenshot apps and eyedroppers need to use.

Until someone steps up and volunteers time to update gimp-gap, I fear there is not much you can do.

Check whether you are using X11 or Wayland - the gimp-gap eyedropper
might not work on Wayland, and uninstalling crossover might have
changed the default.


thanks. Where do I see that?



thanks. Where do I see that?

Probably when you log in there will be a choice of Session, e.g. GNOME
under X11, GNOME under Wayland, Unity under Wayland, and so on.

Or, in a shell (terminal) window, you can try this command:

It should say either wayland or x11 at you.

Note, i’m guessing that this is the problem; it might be that gimp-gap
broke for some other reason, e.g. that you updated gimp :), in which
case i can’t help more i think, sorry. But if you are running wayland,
try switching to x11 at login time.

It says X11, but I started using the compositing software Natron 2.5 instead of Gimp. The quality is much better.



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