Gexiv2 API bump

Hi everyone.

I was made aware that GExiv2 contains a file with an unknown license and provenience.

Since it is part of the rather awful callback-based stream API, I will be removing the file and the corresponding API ASAP.

A quick search around the internet looked like that currently no one is using this API.
I also have a prototype for reading and writing from GBytes that should cover some of the use-cases of that API.

Any objections?

Additionally some 0.27.x version in exiv2 seems to have fixed the issue that prevented the from_stream api to work properly, so I will undeprecate the gexiv2_metadata_from_strream()

Other things I would like to do while doing this:

  • Fold the _try variants of the functions back into the original names, just with the Error ** parameter
  • Bump Exiv2 minimal requirement to 0.28 to get rid of all the #ifdefs

I don’t see GIMP using the stream API so we are fine with that.

  • try variants: How do you plan on doing that. Maybe the reverse of the current situation, making the _try versions deprecated?
  • Bump Exiv2: sounds good. I don’t think this will affect GIMP.

That I have no nice solution for currently. Everything I can think of is annoying to one party or the other.

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