Getting the last line of TextView

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I have a TextView and I would like to get the last line of the buffer to a variable.Currently what I can do is ;


but I am trying to get the only last line of input. What are your suggestions ?

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I imagine you simply want

auto const buffer  = m_TextView.get_buffer();
auto const lines   = buffer->get_line_count();
auto const iter    = buffer->get_iter_at_line(lines - 1); // N.B. 
auto const ustring = buffer->get_text( iter, buffer->end() );

The documentation shows various ways like this of getting iterators to points within the buffer, and then get_text() lets you cut out just the parts between two iterators (or get_slice() is similar with some documented differences).

Note that get_iter_at_line() expects an index starting from 0, not 1, so we must adjust the count minus 1 for that, but that’s usual for C++ sizes vs indexes :smiley:

Thank you for the reply, it really helped me a lot!

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