Getting started tutorial

Hi, its my first time here. I am doing the newcomers tutorial and I found a little bug in the saving files section using Vala language.

The code in the image is wrong because it isn’t an arrow function:

filechooser.response.connect ((dialog, response) {

The correct code woulde be:

private void save_file_dialog (Variant? parameter) {
            var filechooser = new Gtk.FileChooserNative ("Save File As",

            filechooser.response.connect ((dialog, response) => {
                if (response == Gtk.ResponseType.ACCEPT) {
                    File file = filechooser.get_file ();
                    this.save_file (file);

Thanks for reporting the typo! The source for that page is here: source/tutorials/beginners/getting_started/saving_files.rst · main · Teams / Documentation / developer-www · GitLab. Can you do a MR to improve the documentation?

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