Getting org.a11y.atspi.Event.Object.ChildrenChanged with Gtk4

Investigating how the AT-SPI D-BUS protocol works, I wrote some code listening for signals. I’m especially listening to ChildrenChanged to get notified of new widgets. With Gtk2 and Gtk3 I’m getting this signal when the accessible Application gets a new dialog child, but with Gtk4 I don’t.
Trying to understand what’s going on, I’m under the impression that those signals would be emitted by gtk_at_spi_context_child_change, so I set up a gdb breakpoint there to check that the code gets indeed reached. I was not too surprised that creating/destroying a dialog does not trigger it, but then I get it triggered when my mouse pointer gives the focus to that new dialog (a sequence of remove/add/remove events).

I’m probably overlooking something, could someone please clarify what’s hapenning ?

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