General comments on GNOME in Discourse

Great to see a GNOME Discourse! :smiley: I don’t know if it would be welcome here but this seems a great place to have general discussion on GNOME that doesn’t really fit a GitLab Issue because the project particular issues fall under are unclear etc. For example ideas that are labelled out of scope of all projects it could be relevant to or ideas which violate the HIG and would require a change to the HIG (currently there’s nowhere other than Reddit for people to discuss the HIG with persistent/logged messaging (IRC messages are neither persistent nor logged)). E.g. perhaps GNOME’s general minimalistic philosophy (which I think causes much anger from the community against GNOME devs) could be carefully discussed here, perhaps picking out specific points from the HIG in order to do so to make the conversation more productive.

If this kind of discussion is at all welcome (see these two threads on snapcraft controversies for how this can happen semi-productively, things that are out of order can be flagged against the FAQ and, I don’t particularly agree with the practice, but topics can be temporarily locked to give moderators some respite?), where should it go? Technically it’s discussion about the platform but by the community? So which section would this go in? Or, if this kind of community discussion is not welcome (due to sentiment like this), in which case could some really specific wording go into the FAQ to make it clear that that discussion is not welcome but should instead, perhaps, go on the Reddit?


At the moment, we’ve just moved over GTK and Engagement to try and see how it works from a technical and social interaction point of view. There are a number of other categories that have been created but are hidden, until we can work out if Discourse survives first contact with actual users.

I think it’s quite possible to have some more areas, one for user support, one for suggestions etc. We also have the ability to have a solved button on some categories for example, which could be great for support queries.

So yes, it’s possible. But let’s hold on a bit and see how this ends up :slight_smile:


I also welcome a GNOME discourse, as a user and lover of the GNOME desktop. I share @Ads20000’s interests in participating in the discussion about the philosophy, the evolutions and future of the project. I follow the GNOME subreddit and gitlab pretty regularly (my particular domain of interest is design actually) but also feel the lack of a meeting place where general issues (not specific reportable issues) are shared and addressed. Please consider users as partners, not only needing support or providing suggestions :wink:
Cheers !


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