Gedit: next version will be released when ready

Hi GNOME distributors,

As you probably know already, gedit is no longer part of GNOME Core, the latter contains gnome-text-editor instead.

I feel more comfortable to release the next version of gedit when ready instead of following the 6 months release schedule.

“When ready” here most probably means: later than GNOME 43.0. But it could also be for that date, I don’t know yet.

In all cases, gedit 42.x is still supported upstream and it normally works well with GNOME 43.


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I was not aware that someone is still working on the gedit code – well but I think I have seen you name before.

Is there a chance that the two bugs related to syntax highlighting may be fixed? One is, that when opening large GIR files like /usr/share/gir-1.0/Gtk-4.0.gir and scrolling to the end of the file or doing search operations, sometimes colors go mad, i.e. white background got black, and some text is unreadable. The other ugly bug is, that when syntax highlighting is on, search does not work reliable. I noticed that for asciidoc documents like, I had to deactivate syntax highlighting when doing a reliable search. (I was fixing typing errors some months ago). Another strange point of gedit is, that it can not reformat text sections to a selected line length. I had to use vim or neovim for that.

A bit out of topic for distributors (mostly Linux distributions packagers). But I’ll take into account your feedback, and we can also discuss this either on GitLab issues or on another thread here on Discourse (or Matrix/IRC, many possibilities).

My intention is indeed to do stabilization work, but not everything is easy (see for example my debugging for the text cut-off problem, it gives an idea).

Thank you for letting us know that fact. I totally missed that, and was not aware about it existence. I once wrote a plain GtkSourceView based Nim editor, using the initial low level oldgtk3 Nim bindings. My code was very ugly, so I may once create a new tool using the high level gintro bindings. So I was always looking for an up to date minimal version of gedit as a starting point. gnome-text-editor may be close to that, thanks.

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