Gedit (Flathub) Open Dialog doesn't show bookmarked directories in Nautilus

I’m using Gedit from Flathub and when I use the Open Dialog, it doesn’t exhibit the bookmarked directories in Nautilus.

I don’t have this kind of limitation when using other “GNOME kind” apps at Flathub. For example, Quilter Flatpak shows me these bookmarked directories.

Is this intentional or some kind of bug?

It’s because gedit doesn’t use GtkFileChooserNative, because it sometimes puts some things into the bottom action bar of the file chooser dialog. So it uses the non Native one and asks for home directory access in the flatpak manifest.

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But why I have gedit Open Dialog with bookmarks in a native installation?

Because it can read the bookmark files exactly as nautilus can (which is on the host, not flatpaked), since it has full host access

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