Gedit crowdfunding

There is now a crowdfunding for gedit :slight_smile: !

See my blog post:

The link to Liberapay:

I plan to write blog posts more frequently about gedit, and around gedit (the work that I do in related libraries).


Sorry for the basic question.

Gedit already feels complete. I understand gedit as - a simple, lightweight and quick editor for GNOME, similar to the handy notepad in Windows, which it is already.

And GNOME Builder is there for coding purposes.

So, it is not clear, what the improvements we’re talking about. Is Gedit changing directions?


Even if gedit looks simple, it’s actually a lot of work to develop a good text editor. You can take a look at the number of lines of code, for example. And there is a whole library stack beneath.

gedit is not changing directions, it’s a text editor, not an IDE. Things like compiling and running the code, doing git commits, running a debugger, looking at the documentation etc etc are done with other apps, often with the terminal.

And each time that I do something more advanced with GTK, I wish it was with GTK 3.99/4 because I know the APIs are nicer to use with GTK 4. So, porting to GTK 4 is yet another item that I would like to tackle, but it doesn’t materialize out of thin air, it requires work.

See also this reddit thread where I’ve answered other questions, or this older reddit thread. So yes, a lot of people appreciate gedit and use it for various purposes (not just for writing quick notes).


The reddit threads were useful.

Personally, I use Emacs for coding. I just lost track of open files. Just checked today it was 1200 buffers + 6 frames, for 300 MB RSS. With 40+ firefox tabs or a VM and 10 devhelp tabs, my relatively old mac memory peaks in Debian. That’s the reason I avoid GNOME builder ( or Gedit ), though I like builder very much, I cannot afford it for large scale development.

One other thing, I never knew Gedit can be used for coding. I always thought it as a Notepad equivalent. The simplicity of Gedit interface makes it look that way, though it might have more features under the hood. Maybe, an initial welcome screen can highlight what is possible with Gedit, so it becomes more obvious.

Anyways, good luck for your funding and future work.


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