Gdm does not wake up from suspend

It’s not every time the system goes to sleep, but usually when it sleeps for more than an hour or so. When i touch the bluetooth keyboard or mouse, nothing happens. When I touch the keyboard on the laptop, the screen wakes up. It’s a black screen with just a couple lines of logs. I believe they are unrelated, sometimes bluetooth or network or something.

I just pulled the logs from teh last time this happened from journal ctl. It’s reversed order. you can see that at 15:16 it started a hard reboot. everything in the log is from before that. 15:14 is when i tried to wake it up.

I started having this problem a month or two ago. I’m on debian testing and i had this issue at lease since gnome 43. I’m now starting to get parts of gnome 45 beta and the issue persists. Laptop is an alienware X15 with nvdidia discrete card and proprietary nvidia drivers. XDG is x11 - for some reason wayland doesn’t want to work. not sure if that’s related.

Logs: gist:d82e549cfc685a925e83e2cfdbb6ac73 · GitHub

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