gdkDragContext incorrect actions on DWL(based on wayland wlroots)

originated from: issue when adding Link option besides copy and move in drag and drop · Issue #2 · padgettr/rfm · GitHub

I can see that

gtk_drag_source_set (GtkWidget            *widget,
                     GdkModifierType	   start_button_mask,
                     const GtkTargetEntry *targets,
                     gint                  n_targets,
                     GdkDragAction         actions)
  GtkDragSourceSite *site;

  g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget));

  site = g_object_get_data (G_OBJECT (widget), "gtk-site-data");

  site->actions = actions;


static void
gtk_drag_selection_received (GtkWidget        *widget,
                             GtkSelectionData *selection_data,
                             guint             time,
                             gpointer          data)
  GdkDragContext *context;
  GtkDragDestInfo *info;
  GtkWidget *drop_widget;
  GdkAtom target;

  drop_widget = data;

  context = g_object_get_data (G_OBJECT (widget), "drag-context");

But how can i trace data from “gtk-site-data” site->actions to “drag-context” ?

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