Gdk-pixbuf – test file gdk-pixbuf-2.42.2/tests/test-images/gif-test-suite/max-width.gif with a virus?


ClamAV is reporting this file as containing “BC.Gif.Exploit.Agent-1425366.Agent”. Is this on purpose?



It’s a test file to detect invalid GIF images, so yes: it’s entirely on purpose.

Please, don’t run anti-viruses on sources.

The problem is that the MacPorts software on Macs installs all the test files on disk and in a compressed TAR file. Could be Makefile needs a change that they do not get installed?


MacPorts can disable installing the tests, by passing -Dinstalled_tests=false when configuring the build. See: meson_options.txt · master · GNOME / gdk-pixbuf · GitLab

Please, file a bug against the gdk-pixbuf package on MacPorts.

Already done, see here: #61843 (/opt/local/var/macports/software/gdk-pixbuf2/gdk-pixbuf2-2.42.0_0+x11.darwin_15.x86_64.tbz2: BC.Gif.Exploit.Agent-1425366.Agent FOUND) – MacPorts. (Problem is that the ticket has been closed before. I’ll check whether I can reopen it.)

The reason why the tests are installed, incidentally, is to make sure that it’s possible to verify the behaviour of the library after it has been installed; this is important for finding regressions caused by its dependencies, for instance.

Is this something a normal user would need? I am not a software developer, I just want to have some applications around and I surely would not try to find a bug in gdk-pixbuf2… (Or a software that is using it, which are libheif and librsvg.)

Anyway, it worked to build the port without the test files and at least one port that uses librsvg, GNU Emacs, works and can display SVG images.

Thank you for the hint!


I think you don’t need the test suite if you are installing a ready made package. If instead you’re building it yourself from source code it may make sense to do the tests.

If you’re installing a ready made package it’s up to the package maintainer whether the test suite gets installed. Most package maintainers will likely disable this. Which is why Emmanuele suggested to file a bug against the package on MacPorts, as they can change this.

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