GDK Pixbuf and GTimeVal

I stumbled upon deprecation warnings while building libwebp’s tests and noticed that GDK Pixbuf depends on GTimeVal still.

I looked into it briefly and I was wondering what the migration path would be if we wanted to get rid of the deprecated symbols (GLib’s docs state that eventually the type would be removed as it suffers from the 2038 problem in 32bit systems).

I wanted to pick the brains of the community and maintainers as to this as I wouldn’t mind giving a go at extending the API to provide a guint64/monotonic alternative API to try to encourage consumers to move to this API.

So far I’ve identified the following needing alternatives:

  • gdk_pixbuf_animation_iter_advance()
  • PixbufAnimationClass->get_iter()

It would also require some work to port the default pixbuf loaders that support animation, though that can be done in stages.

I guess my question at this point is whether it is worth it to invest time in this or whether the GTK team has plans to move away from GdkPixbuf as there are other challenges in the API.


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