GarageJam 1.0.0 - Music Studio Recording Software for GNOME 45

To Designers/Friends of GNOME,

I invite you to compile-test-run my GarageJam 1.0.0 software project built in C with autotools for GNOME 45 that is not yet published on GarageJam 1.0.0 is now available from

During the spring and summer I have developed a GTK/GNOME/GST program in C (GarageJam) that saves audio/sound recordings to Gingerblue 1.0 XML (.jam), Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) and XSPF (.xspf) files, and which plays existing audio/sound files in Ogg Vorbis format stored in the GNOME Playlist as $HOME/Music/GNOME.xspf and that creates new remix files based on the latest recording.

The GarageJam application works with GNOME computers connected to a USB sound card or built-in microphone on HP/Lenovo/MacBook in Fedora Core 38, Ubuntu 23.04 and macOS 13 /


Ole Kristian Aamot began work on GarageJam for GNOME in May 2023 and it is very early stage in August 2023, but recording, atomic meta data reading and writing, as well as playback works.

Launching GarageJam

Launch the software GarageJam from Terminal with



GarageJam 1.0.0

Bug #1 Build on Ubuntu 23.04: LTS Support

Bug #2 Build on macOS 13.4.2: Icon Support

Bug #3 Build on Fedora Core 38: Experimental Connect link to Gingerblue Recording Studio API.

Bug #4 Build on Fedora Core 38: Experimental meta tagging with GstTagSetter.

Bug #5 Build on Fedora Core 38 and Ubuntu 23.04 LTS: Immediate Recording to Ogg Vorbis from ‘Mic’ works!

Bug #6 Build on Fedora Core 38 and Ubuntu 23.04 LTS: Write XSPF 1.0

Building from Source

Fedora Core 38

Recording in GarageJam 1.0.0 is immediately beginning as soon as you launch GarageJam 1.0.0 from GNOME Shell or Console in GNOME 45.

Click on “Cancel” once in GarageJam 1.0.0 to stop immediate recording and click on “Cancel” once again to exit the GarageJam application (or Ctrl-c in the terminal).

Click on “Finish” and “Apply” to play the latest recording from $HOME/Music/GNOME.xspf

You’ll find the recorded files in $HOME/Music/ on GNOME 45 systems in American English language.

Future Work

Would be nice if you could record directly from USB Audio Class Devices directly in GNOME Music as proven in GarageJam version 1.0.0.

Can you clarify what this software has to do with GNOME 45 ?

Have you submitted your app for GNOME review ?

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