G_object_new from a DLL

regarding creating an object via g_object_new (using sample from The GObject base class: GObject Reference Manual)

This code works fine on windows , but when I embed the g_object_new inside a DLL and invoke the DLL exported function (which will internally invoke g_object_new ), it crashes
I cant seem to find anything online related to this.
Its the first time I am using GLib on windows though.

It crashes here:

extern "C" VICONGSWRAPPER_V0_API void GObjectCreation()
	ViewerFile *file = (ViewerFile*)g_object_new(VIEWER_TYPE_FILE, NULL);  //will crash here


I have done same thing on Linux, calling g_object_new from an SO file, I call the function from so file which in turn will call g_object_new , this works fine

Meet the same kind of trouble in Vala, the solution is call type ensure function:
g_type_ensure (GType type);


thanks, but that didnt help
I created the DLL using QT project and the application also in QT. Now everything works
I do the same thing in VS2015, it doesn’t work.
I guess it is something to do with some environment setting that VS is doing different.

So if I build my dll via QT , it works
I am sure if I build it using CL tool, it will work
It must be something VS is setting up during the build

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