Hi all, I know that mailman was retired and the lists were migrated mostly on the discourse platform. But can anyone enlighten me if there is still a service something like ftp-release-list was ?

There’s an alias that’s being used by distributions and other interested parties, the main difference with the former mailing list is that it comes with no archives.

Hi Andrea, thanks for informing me, how could I subscribe to it ? I was subscribed to the ftp-release-list and I was getting the anounces but from some time now they stopped. I believe due to the mailman service being stopped.
Are there some instrucions how I could get back on track ?

Just let me know what email you’d like us to subscribe there and we’ll handle it for you, if the email is your Discourse account one, please state so, thanks!

Yes Andrea, please use my email from discourse. Many thanks !

Added, will be in sync during the next hour, thanks!

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