Freeform shape based notes in evince

adobe to have feature of quadilateral based highlight for photo or imaged based files with no OCR.

Hello @COALROCK8642,

The developers/maintainers of Evince and Papers (fork of Evince) are aware that many annotations are missing.

Currently, the priority on the Evice side is the port to GTK4. On the Papers side, I think their priority is stabilization as they are also moving to GTK4 plus Adwaita style for widgets, so I doubt they are focusing on new annotations at the moment.

Also, both also rely, like any GNOME project, on code contributions. If you have such skills, they are welcome (but perhaps discuss with the developers about their planning).

what is difference between okular and evince?

I hope they have merger as okular is far superior in features while evince is simple (with basic keystrokes and no learning curve)

Okular is a KDE application, Evince is a GNOME application. They will not merge.

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