Fractional scaling in Wayland and problem in legacy x11 apps

Greetings, fellow users and developers, I am a kde fan but I wanted to give gnome a fair try. I have recently installed Ubuntu24.04lts to give gnome a try. I have tried vanilla gnome in the past with Fedora 40 which I liked but had the same issue.

I have an issue with x11 apps scaling on Wayland under xWAYLAND. The apps get very blurry. It issue didn’t arise in kde plasma 6. Is there a fix to this issue? Any extention to fix this?!

I have a 14 inch 1080p display so I absolutely must scale to 125% min to use my computer. When I do, the apps get blurry. This issue happens with apps like darktable.

Please help and fix this issue.