Fractal 6 released

Fractal 6 is up and ready!

That’s right, barely 2 months after Fractal 5, we feel there have been enough improvements to grant a new stable release. You have probably noticed that we have adopted a version scheme similar to GNOME and will bump the major version with each new release.

The list of goodies:

  • Fractal can open Matrix URIs, it is even registered as a handler for the matrix scheme
  • The verification flow was rewritten, hopefully solving most verification issues
  • Room members can be kicked, banned or ignored from their profile
  • More notifications settings, global or per-room, were added
  • Times follow the format (12h or 24h) from the system settings
  • Tab auto-completion also works for mentioning public rooms, just start your query with #

It is available right now on Flathub.

This version is fully translated into 6 languages :raised_hands: and we hope to get even more :chart_with_upwards_trend: for the next one! Head over to Damned Lies if you want to give a hand.

We would also like to thank our new and returning contributors and our upstream projects.

For our next iteration, we already have a bunch of accessibility improvements waiting, and we plan to continue improving the room settings and the moderation features. Any extra work from you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: will be highly valued!


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