Fractal 5 released

Fractal 5 is now available! It is a full rewrite compared to Fractal 4, that now leverages GTK 4, libadwaita, and the Matrix Rust SDK. The two-and-a-half-year effort brings a new interface that fits all screens, big :desktop_computer: or small :iphone:, but should still look familiar to users of earlier versions.

It still offers the same old features you know and love, with a few additions. Highlights (italics is new✨ in 5):

  • Find rooms to discuss your favorite topics, or talk privately to people, securely thanks to end-to-end encryption
  • Send rich formatted messages, files, or your current location
  • Reply to specific messages, react with emoji, edit or remove messages
  • View images, and play audio and video directly in the conversation
  • See who has read messages, and who is typing
  • Log into multiple accounts at once (with Single-Sign On support)

It is available right now on Flathub.

For our next version, we intend to add missing key features, like notification settings, room settings and moderation… We also plan on improving the accessibility and polish the rough edges. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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