Foundation Board elections, 2022: candidacy period is open!

Foundation Members,

Board of Directors elections start today, please read GNOME Foundation 2022 Elections Rules for information around timelines and ways to candidate yourself for a seat on the Board. Please use this thread if you need any additional detail from the Membership and Elections Committee, questions to the candidates should also happen via Discourse.


Hi GNOME Foundation members. I’ve decided to run for the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. I posted my candidacy statement to foundation-announce. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have here.


Jeremy Allison
Samba Team / Google Open Source Programs Office.


I may have missed something, but I read that 4 board slots are to be filled, and the list of candidates also contains 4. Did I miss something or is this election only a formality (not that it would be necessarily bad, but just to know)?

Indeed, there are four seats and four candidates—but the Foundation uses a single transferable vote system, which means there can be fewer people getting elected than the number of candidates and slots. In that case, there will be a new election process.

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Thanks for the clarification.