Focus problems with GtkPopover

First off: I’m not sure if these are caused by a singular problem or if there are multiple issues to tackle. I’m also not sure if these are bugs in Gtk or if I’m using it wrong. So I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

I’m experiencing strange focus behavior with entries inside a popover. Spawning the popover from a button in the headerbar I’m not able to focus the entry. I can however paste/delete/etc via right click. And once I insert a smilie via right click the entry becomes focused and I can type normally.
The exact same popover spawned from a different widget works mostly as expected.

edit: This was due to a widget higher up the hierarchy with “can-focus”=FALSE

It gets worse once I set the gdk backend to X11 (still in a wayland session). Then sometimes hover & clicks pierce right trough the popover and the widget behind receives the events.

Lastly when showing the Inspector (on wayland again) it receives keystrokes instead of the focused entry.

I’m not sure what could be the difference between spawning the popover from the headerbar compared to the bottom of the window. Could some properties further up the widget hierarchy be to blame here?
Are some of these weird interactions bugs? Or is everything working as intended?

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