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I have a question:
When I open a bookmark or folder in Nautilus in a new tab that this new tab also gets the focus right away?

Because I find it somehow logical: If I explicitly click “Open in a new tab” that I then also want to continue working in this new tab. Why else would I open something in a new tab?
Most of the time, I want to keep the current state for later and then continue working in the new tab.
Currently, I always have to click on the new tab to continue working in it. I would like to save this click.

Maybe it is the same for others… Then maybe the Gnome team could think about it.
I would program myself, but unfortunately I don’t know C at all and I have no experience with GTK. :wink:

Thanks a lot for your feedback…

Hi Clemens, I think the behavior is what most people expect, as it’s also how browsers handle tabs.

Thanks for your feedback.

Ask yourself the all-important questions: Is it really smart for Nautilus to orient itself to browsers?

Because this behavior is not really consistent either:
When I open a link in a “New Window”, the focus also changes to the new window. Why is a new tab treated differently than a new window?

I don’t want to criticize your (the Gnome team’s) decision. Just maybe I would like to question this behavior.

I like to use Gnome so much because a lot of things are structured as efficiently as possible and I am distracted as little as possible during my work or occupied with additional mouse kilometers.

But the crucial question is: Why should a user produce new tabs in stockpile?

Suggestion: I just found out: If I open a bookmark in my browser with the middle mouse button in a tab, the new tab is opened in background (IMHO: I also find very questionable) But if you hold [Shift] while clicking, you end up in the new tab right away.
Such a behavior in Nautilus would be very convenient for me. (And maybe I’m going out on a limb, but I think other users would use this feature too).

Would it be possible to implement such a behavior?

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