Flutter can't run a binary from /app/bin

What could be the reason for this error?

[ERROR:flutter/runtime/dart_vm_initializer.cc(41)] Unhandled Exception: ProcessException: No such file or directory
  Command: /app/bin/qrcp -i wlo1 receive
$ ls -la .local/share/flatpak/app/io.github.faveoled.qrshare/current/active/files/bin/qrcp 
-rwxr-xr-x 2 user user 10350592 Jan  1  1970 .local/share/flatpak/app/io.github.faveoled.qrshare/current/active/files/bin/qrcp

Are you able to run it directly?

flatpak run --command=qrcp io.github.faveoled.qrshare

If not, sometimes ENOENT isn’t referring to the file you’re trying to execute. For example, it may be referring to the loader if this is a 32-bit executable and you didn’t enable the i386 compat extension in your flatpak.

It’s also possible that the API you’re using doesn’t expect to get a command line string, so it’s trying to execute a file called qrcp -i wlo1 receive. There’s probably a better venue for that discussion though; I don’t think Flutter is particularly relevant to GNOME.

This runs fine.

Works without Flatpak

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