Flatpak permissions when developing

My application requires the background permission from Flatpak to run in the background (without a visible window) and the wallpaper permission to change the desktop wallpaper via the XDG portal. When I run my application directly from within Builder, it silently fails to set the wallpaper unless I have previously, explicitly given it permission via the following command:

flatpak permission-set wallpaper wallpaper app.drey.Damask.Devel yes

Similarly, it silently fails to run in the background unless it has been explicitly given the background permission.

I believe these permissions are granted as part of the Flatpak installation process, because if I first export and install a Flatpak bundle of my application, the permissions function as expected. Can I do anything so that development builds running from Builder will include those permissions automatically?

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I set up VSCode with the Flatpak extension, and it exhibits the same problem. Running the “Flatpak: Build and Run” action successfully builds and runs my app, but it does not set the background permission.

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