Flatpak Glade and custom widgets dependencies

I’ve been using Glade and custom Python widgets successfully for some time now. After trying the Flatpak’ed Glade this broke for two reasons:

  1. Installed Python dependencies installed through pip in my home folder ($HOME/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/)aren’t found. Which makes sense after some PYTHONPATH checks as it looks like the Flatpak comes with its own Python 3.7.

  2. One of my widgets uses OsmGpsMap (from gi.repository import OsmGpsMap), but the installed gir file can’t be found.

For both I have a quite similar question: can I make Glade look outside the Flatpak environment for these files? Or perhaps install the dependencies in the Flatpak Python version.

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File an issue at https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glade/-/issues

Juan Pablo ( glade dev ) will be able to answer as well as handle this issue within Glade if possible.

Same answer as above.

IMHO, Glade looking outside the flatpak will be a bad idea. It’s better to get dependencies inside your flatpak environment.


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